Driveway Patrol

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Driveway Patrol

Driveway Patrol instantly alerts you when someone comes up your driveway or walk. No startling knocks at the door, no unexpected horn beeps. Waiting for a delivery? Waiting for your daughter to get home from a date? Want to extend your home security system? Here's your answer…Driveway Patrol.
This wireless driveway alarm system employs advanced infrared motion detection technology. Use it to detect visitors, vehicles, intruders or kids coming and going. Use it anywhere in your home to monitor the mailbox, front door, garage or driveway. You'll never be surprised again!

Just place the waterproof Driveway Patrol transmitter outside and put the receiver inside. It installs in seconds and no tools or wires are needed. When someone approaches, it sends a signal to alert you over a 400 foot range.

Uses 9V and 3 AA batteries (not included).

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