Emerson Switchboard Deluxe Version

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Emerson Switchboard Deluxe Version

Now you can receive a quick phone call or fax while you're surfing the Internet . . . all from a single phone line. The revolutionary Emerson Switchboard Deluxe temporarily splits your phone signal into three separate lines for your computer, phone and fax which means no more busy signals, missed calls or getting kicked offline. Emerson Switchboard rings and flashes with an incoming call which makes it great for the computer in your home office, family room, college dorm or anywhere else you don't want to install an additional phone line. There's no software needed and no extra phone jacks or wiring to install because the Emerson Switchboard works automatically. Note: length of time you can stay connected online while taking a call varies with each ISP carrier from 20-30 seconds. Requires call waiting service on your phone line.

Product includes:
Emerson Switchboard Deluxe and AC Adaptor.

AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $22.39 S&H WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL CANADIAN ORDERS. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping address must match the address on your credit card statement or your order cannot be processed for Emerson Switchboard Deluxe.

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

Please note this Emerson Switchboard is the deluxe model and includes the AC Adaptor.

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