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Igia Finally White Pro

How about a tooth whitening kit that is only a fraction of the cost of a dentist and works much faster?

IGIÁ Finally White Pro is the professional-quality tooth whitening system from American Dental Supply that removes stains and discoloration quickly, safely, and naturally.

Everything you need for whiter, brighter teeth with 16% high potency carbamide peroxide

It seems that everywhere you turn these days someone is talking about beauty and health. Whether through make-up or hairstyles or perfectly toned bodies, being attractive has become a high priority. But everyone knows that the most attractive thing is a beautiful big smile. Having a confident, bright smile, and easy laugh makes anyone light up. You just want to be around that person.

The problem is that over time, consuming such things as coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine, and aging can discolor your teeth and make them stained and yellow. If they have not reached the YELLOW stage, they can appear several shades away from a true, gleaming white.
Many people become discouraged after using a drug store brand of toothpaste or whitener that takes forever to whiten your teeth and costs a fortune. Now there is a product you can use at home that actually gives you the same results as the professionals.

IGIÁ Finally White Pro is identical to the system that professionals use. Dentists can successfully remove discoloration caused by age or the stains from food and drink; which they should, since they sell their system nationwide for an average price of $300-$600. IGIÁ Finally White Pro does the exact same thing for only a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind that IGIÁ Finally White Pro should not be confused with the inexpensive bleaching systems that contain harsh abrasives. IGIÁ Finally White Pro has no harsh abrasives and is quick, safe, and not harmful to tooth enamel.

The American Dental Association has approved teeth whitening products containing a viscosity gel of between 10% and 22% of the compound Carbomide Peroxide. IGIÁ Finally White Pro contains 16% High Potency Carbomide Peroxide which is the only ingredient proven effective in whitening teeth. Also dentists mold their trays for the patient in their office and give the patient the syringes to take home. Magna Five Mirror The IGIÁ Finally White Pro Kit lets the consumer mold the trays at home. The procedure and ingredients are identical. The price is not. (Keep in mind this only works on the natural surfaces of the teeth and will not change the color of filling, caps, crowns, or dental restorations. Also, the product is designed for people over the age of sixteen, and should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.)

The most commonly asked question about IGIÁ Finally White Pro is, “How soon will I see results?”
Actually, almost immediately... the gel substance works very quickly but your personal progress will depend on the nature and depth of your stains. Under normal conditions the process should take anywhere from five to eighteen days. Yellowing and stains will quickly whiten. In fact, clinical studies have shown an improvement of up to eight shades on what is know as the IGIÁ FINALLY WHITE PRO TOOTH SHADE GUIDE. IGIÁ Finally White Pro is not something you need to do on any regular basis. Amazingly, the results will last for years.

Professional Strength Teeth Whitening System
Proven to whiten teeth 5 shades
and improve gums and breath.

As Seen on TV Special Offer includes:
  • 42 Dental Whitening treatments
  • 7 syringes with Finally White Pro mouthpiece
  • 3 Moldable Trays
  • 8 oz. Oral Mouth Rinse Neutralizer
  • Mouth piece Storage Tray
  • Professional Tooth Shade Guide
  • Instruction Booklet with Step by Step Directions
  • IGIÁ Classic White Bath Robe
  • IGIÁ Magnifive Mirror

    Finally White Pro is your own personal kit. You can have white, attractive teeth and a beautiful smile—for only a fraction of the cost! Results show quickly and you will not have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars anymore.

    “The kit is identical to one my friend paid a dentist $600 for and actually worked faster”

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