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Super Prostate Formula

Almost 30 million men suffer from benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlargement (BPH) and over one-half of men have BPH by the time they reach the age of 50. And after the age of 80 almost every man has it. The most common symptoms include frequent urination, getting up to urinate during the night, incomplete emptying of the bladder, urgency and even incontinence. The Super Prostate Formula combines a number of natural substances that are known to improve the health of the prostate gland and even decrease its size. In clinical studies, the Super Prostate Formula was effective in 90-95% of patients. There was significant reduction of the symptoms, actual decrease of the prostate size, and no side effects were observed. Super Prostate Formula is a natural formula that combines Saw Palmetto extract, Pygeum Africanum extract, Zinc and other nutrients to support a healthy prostate.

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