The Firm: Cardio Split

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The Firm: Cardio Split

The Firm: Cardio Split is part of the popular Total Body Series. Allie Strickland, Nancy Tucker, Jennifer Carman, Carissa Foster, and Dale Brabham lead this effective lower and upper body workout with cardio intensifiers. Cardio Split uses both new, proven fat-loss methods: combining aerobics and weights gives three times the fat loss of aerobics alone and "interval training" uses an "up-down-up-down" heart rate pattern, which gives you more fat loss than "steady-state" aerobics (with constant heart rate). By doing upper-body and lower-body on alternate days, this program boosts results in two ways: prevents over-training (each half of your body gets a 48 hour rest between heavy workouts) and delivers fast results (well-rested body parts can work harder). 52 minutes.

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