The Firm: Fat Blaster

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The Firm: Fat Blaster

The Firm: Fat Blaster is part of the popular Total Body Series. Three times the fat loss of aerobics - research shows that's what you get by combining aerobics and weight training. This program shapes your entire body with weights, while its high-intensity cardio phase (28 minutes) delivers maximum calorie burn. Synchronized to a high-energy music score, this fun routine leads you through upper-body work, to aerobic stepping, to the most effective fanny-lifting exercise on Earth. Fat Blaster includes a stomach-flattening abdominal routine, complete warm-up and cool down. Master instructors Allie Strickland, Lisa Kay and Nancy Tucker deliver a popular, tested, proven routine that's guaranteed to make you visibly slimmer and firmer - faster! 45 minutes.

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