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Contour Secret Pillow

Having trouble falling asleep? The Contour Secret Pillow combines the comfort of fiberfill with gentle orthopedic support so you can get a good night's rest. The design for the Contour Secret Pillow began with the knowledge that people like the comfort of fiberfill, but fiber pillows go flat and lack support which causes strain on your muscles, back and joints. The secret to a great night's sleep is proper support for the natural curve of your neck and spine. The Contour Secret Pillow cradles your head and shoulders with a plush outer layer of fiberfill for cool, breathable comfort and a secret inside - the famous Contour-designed inner blue foam core to provide gentle orthopedic support which aligns your body the way nature intended. The Contour Secret Pillow will not sag or go flat so you'll sleep in comfort all night, every night! 100% non-allergenic.

Product includes:
Contour Secret Pillow. BONUS: Pillow Cover.

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