Hollywood 48 Hour Diet

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Hollywood 48 Hour Diet

Quick, easy, amazing weight loss is just two days away with the advent of the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet. Simply drink away the pounds in the form of a delicious all-natural fruit drink. The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet takes away your cravings for bad foods, boosts your energy and vitality, and provides a way for the body to escape digesting all those calories in the span of only two days. How does it do this? By detoxifying and cleansing your body at the same time! Discover why everyone from New York businessmen to L.A.'s elite have had incredible results by using this 2 day plan. The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is the exact same product advertised in countless magazines and the "secret" diet plan used by some of today's most famous actors. AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $27.00 S&H WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL CANADIAN ORDERS. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping address must match the address on your credit card statement or your order cannot be processed for Hollywood 48 Hour Diet.

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