Igia Electrosage 8

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Igia Electrosage 8


Igia ElectroSage 8™.. Finally, an effortless way to massage your muscles. Every workout feels great! As your muscles are stimulated, you'll feel a pleasant pulsing sensation - leaving your body relaxed, pampered and revitalized. Ideal for use on the face, Abs, Shoulder, Arms, thighs and buttocks.

Maximum Benefits/Minimum Effort - The small battery-operated unit clips easily to your belt. Place the electrode pads on the muscle to be massaged, turn the dials to the desired settings and switch 'on' By following the comprehensive instruction manual you can target areas of the body to achieve maximum results and massage benefits.

ElectroSage 8™ is light-weight, compact and simple to use in the privacy of own home. Sit back, relax and feel those muscles get a workout.
The IGIÁ ElectroSage 8™ System includes:
• IGIÁ ElectroSage 8™
• 4 control dials / intensity indicators
• Instruction manual
• 8 detachable leads
• 8 replaceable self-adhesive massaging pads
• Compact carrying case - ideal for travel

The IGIÁ ElectroSage 8™ is especially designed for people who want to look their best includes 8 Pads - Strengthens & Massages Muscles...

It's so simple! Electrosage 8™ will become part of your daily routine. Simply attached the compact battery operator unit around your waist, position the self-adhesive pads directly on the muscle to be massaged.

By following the comprehensive instruction manual you can target parts of the body for maximum results and muscle gratification. You’ll a pleasant pulsing sensation. Adjust the intensity
Ab / Muscles
and contraction time to make your workout comfortable. Feel relaxed, refreshed, revitalized and pampered.

• ElectroSage 8™ System massages your muscles.
• A great addition to your workouts.
• Use it on you ABs, Buttocks, Thighs, Legs, Back and Face.
• Battery operated.
• Light-weight and compact.
• Designed for use by women and men.

If you have any of the following conditions you should not use this product:
Pacemaker, heart disorder or pregnancy
Pads should not be placed on sensitive parts of the body.

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