Kidz Bop 2 CD

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Kidz Bop 2 CD

If your kids love singing along with the first Kidz Bop CD then they'll love Kidz Bop 2, the latest release of songs sung by kids for kids. Kidz Bop 2 features kid friendly versions of songs by their favorite artists and each song is sung at their pace so the lyrics are easy to follow. Kidz Bop 2 features 30 songs made popular by Jennifer Lopez, Destiny's Child, Enrique Iglesias, Alicia Keys, Santana and more! Disc 1 includes Kryptonite, Turn Off the Light, Shape of My Heart, Hanging by a Moment, Fallin', Absolutely, Survivor, Follow Me, U Remind Me, Higher, Crazy for this Girl, Lucky, He Loves U Not, Smooth, and I'm a Believer. Disc 2 includes It's Gonna Be Me, I'm Real, Hero, Everything You Want, Come On Over Baby, All Or Nothing, When It's Over, Everywhere, Drive, Try Again, Breathe, Gotta Tell You, I Try, Pinch Me, and Who Let the Dogs Out.

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