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LitterMaid Mega

LitterMaid is the world's most tecnologically advanced cat litter box. A microprocessor controls the completely automatic LitterMaid allowing it to self-clean after every use. Motion detectors know when your cat is using the box and ten minutes after your cat leaves the LitterMaid, a cleaning comb sifts through and removes all clumps. The cat mess is secured in a disposable container and the cleaning comb automatically returns to its resting position. Simply remove, empty and rinse the disposable waste container. Imagine never having to scoop or have unhealthy contact with waste again! LitterMaid is ideal for larger cats and multiple cat households. LitterMaid can be used with any premium clumping litter for an odor-free environment. Measures 27" x 17". AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $50.00 S&H WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL CANADIAN ORDERS. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping address must match the address on your credit card statement or your order cannot be processed for LitterMaid Mega.

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