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Simulates walking or running with NO IMPACT!


Suitable for all fitness levels!

THE TOTAL BODY EXERCISE! UPPER BODY - Arms & Shoulders LOWER BODY - Hips, Legs & Buttocks

The OrbiTrek has been carefully engineered and tested for effectiveness and durability by some of the nation's leading trainers, doctors, and athletes.

Look at these benefits and decide for yourself...
- Perfectly simulates the way nature intended your body to move.
- Works both upper and lower body at the same time.
- Helps improve your balance.
- Gives you a great cardiovascular workout.
- Air cools your body for comfort.
- Enables you to monitor progress.
- Lightweight, compact, and wheels away for easy storage.
- No matter whether you want to get into shape fast or just stay in the great shape you've worked hard to get, you need the OrbiTrek!

OrbiTrek Features
- Tubular steel frame withstands over 300 pounds of pressure, giving you a secure and stable workout.
- Extra wide platform pedals, made of sure-grip material so you can't slip.
- Dual-direction forward and backward elliptical action. Stride bars for upper body sculpting.
- Front mounted flywheel for stability and compactness.
- A stationary balance bar position for "free running."
- Directed airflow cooling system.
- "Micro-adjustable" resistance dial that lets you control the amount of tension you want in degrees, not a couple of pre-set positions like other machines.
- Silent operation! Watch TV while you exercise, talk on the phone, or use OrbiTrek while other family members converse or sleep.
- Portable, easy to move on roller wheels.
- Accelerated weight loss plan.
- 20 minute workout video.

Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program or taking any nutritional supplement.

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