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Power Lenz

Discover a unique way of using your wireless phone. Power Lenz is the world's first telescopic magnifier for cellular phones. Power Lenz enlarges the window display for driving safety. You receive the full view, magnifying the display area to 150%, the maximum possible view while seeing all of the displayed alpha & numeric text. Power Lenz improves driving safety when you are using a hands-free phone holder in your vehicle. Plus Power Lenz reduces eyes train and makes reading e-mail messages on the window display easier. Power Lenz is an optical aid designed to fit a number of wireless telephones including the Audiovox MVX 605, 1000XL, Ericsson 318, LX 77, LX 667, LX 668, Nokia 2160, 5100, 6100, 8800 series, Qualcomm QCP, 1690, 1920, 2700, 2760, and Samsung SCH 2000. Manufactured in the United States. NO DISCOVER CARDS OR PO BOX ADDRESSES PLEASE.

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