Richard Simmons Blast off the Pounds

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Richard Simmons Blast off the Pounds

Richard Simmons - Blast Off The Pounds

Disco Blast Off video:
Get ready to boogie oogie oogie your way through a fantastic, fun-filled dance workout. You'll pour on the power using your legs, arms, backs, abs, buns and everything else to get a super-challenging workout that only takes 30 minutes. You'll follow that with a 10 minute toning program that'll get your body ready to show off in no time. You'll shake your groove thang with hit songs like "Shame", "YMCA" and "Boogie Oogie Oogie".

Mega Mix Blast Off video:
This energy-packed, fun-filled workout will feel like you're at your favorite dance club, where the music is a hot mix of the best dance and latin numbers. You'll get your heart pumping, send that fat packing and burn a tone of calories while having a fabulous time. You'll be singing your heart out to tunes like "Macarena", "Believe" and "Evil Ways"

Latin Blast Off video:
This sexy, super-fun dance workout is going to make you shimmy, cha-cha, mambo and shake that fat off. You'll then take 10 minutes to sculpt your muscles till they're sleek, firm and strong. Say adios to stress and hola to a stronger, healthier, gorgeous new you.

Cool Weights:
Let's face it, we all hate to get hot and sweaty when we workout, so Richard has developed the all new "Cool Weights" for you to wear while you sweat those pounds away. These 1.5 lb adjustable wrist weights feature gel inserts that are chilled in your freezer and will keep you cool through your workout. So now you can tone away the pounds and stay cool at the same time.

Blast & Go Vitamins:
You will receive a 7 ct. trial of Richard's advanced energizing supplement which was designed for people on the go. Blast & Go provides increased stamina, energy and endurance for your workouts and will keep you going through the day.

  • Complete nutritional support with 9 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Green tea, which has been shown to help your body process fats more effectively
  • B-vitamins for energy and to support cardiovascular health
  • Specially formulated ginseng to help improve stamina and recovery
  • Natural energy factors like yerba mate
CD Rom:
As a special bonus, you will receive a CD_ROM which offers you 100 free hours to Richard's clubhouse FREE! You'll get all the support and tools you'll need to start planning a healthier lifestyle.You'll get
  • Customized meal plans to help you lose weight faster
  • 100's of food recipes that taste great with less calories and fat
  • Grocery list planning to help you save money and calories
  • Expert advice from Richard, his nutritionist, his chef and his weight-loss angels
  • Chat rooms for you to make new weight-loss buddies·
  • Live chats with Richard
  • Success stories about real people who have lost the weight for food.

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