Ronco Automatic Pasta Maker

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Ronco Automatic Pasta Maker

The best selling Pasta Maker in the world, and the most efficient! Make Homemade Pasta: The Healthy and Economical Choice. Once you taste fresh pasta, you won't be satisfied with the dried or canned variety!

Create healthful, economical and delicious meals in minutes with the Popeil Automatic 5-Minute Pasta and Sausage Maker. Easy to use by just viewing the instructional videocassette (included). Just select the pasta shape (die) you want, then add water or juice to any type of flour (all-purpose, whole wheat, flour for bread-making, semolina, etc.) you measure into your machine and it automatically mixes, kneads and extrudes fresh pasta.

An amazing electric pasta making machine by Ron Ronco. There are 12 different pasta shapes included, such as: angel hair, vermicelli, rigatoni, etc… It also makes sausage. NO PO BOXES PLEASE.

Your Pasta Maker Features:
Recipe & Instruction Booklet
Instructional Video Kit
12 Pasta Shaping Dies
Pasta Measuring Cup
Automatic Pasta Cutter
Built-in Dryer
1 Italian Sausage Horn
12 Feet of Italian Size Casings
1 Italian Spice Seasoning
Dishwasher safe and easy to clean non-stick parts
All FDA approved materials for food contact
Lightweight with powerful motor
Makes standard and gourmet pastas!

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