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Super Detox

Super Detox is a four step program for thorough body cleansing and detoxification. The Intestinal Cleanser is designed to scrub the intestines free of old fecal matter, decaying food remnants, dead microorganisms, toxins, mucus and products of intestinal fermentation. The Cellular Cleanser will help balance the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system while repairing the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and cleansing the whole body of toxins and pollutants. The Yeast and Parasite Eliminator helps kill parasites, unfriendly bacteria and yeast. Healthy Flora provides a mix of active beneficial bacteria to help balance the intestinal environment. Super Detox Program includes: Step 1 - Intestinal Cleanser, Step 2 - Cellular Cleanser, Step 3 - Yeast and Parasite Eliminator, and Step 4 - Healthy Flora.

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