Traveling Trainer by Michael Sena

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Traveling Trainer by Michael Sena

Are you having a difficult time sticking to your exercise routine because you're always on the go? Traveling Trainer is a versatile, compact, total body exercise system that can be used anywhere and anytime - at home, at the office, on business trips or even on vacation! "Tuff tube" technology sculpts and shapes your body with the help of fitness expert Michael Sena's targeted Muscle Toner Series which includes beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises to highlight muscles you never thought you had. The Door Anchor revolutionizes the convenience and safety of the Traveling Trainer by attaching to the top of the door or in the door jamb allowing you to perform a variety of exercises not available with other tube systems. The waterproof travel carrier has been custom-designed to transform into a convenient fanny pack so the Traveling Trainer travels easily wherever you go.

Product includes: 5 Resistance Tubes with Upgraded Handles, Michael Sena's Muscle Toner Exercise Routine, Door Anchor, Exercise Video, Travel Carrier, Diner's Guide and Instructional Guide.

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