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Zero Evidence Software

Did you know that anyone who uses your computer can see what websites you've visited? That EVERY picture on every site you've ever visited has been copied to your hard drive? And that the latest versions of Windows allow people to simply grab your passwords by visiting your Favorite sites? Here's the scary part . . . simply deleting your history and cache only removes part of the records. Zero Evidence is simply the best way to protect your privacy online. Zero Evidence software protects your privacy by removing your Internet records from your computer. Zero Evidence features include the ability to hide every browser window with one keystroke (great if your boss should walk in while you're checking the latest golf scores); remove the complete list of sites you have visited while surfing; remove the auto complete entries from your browser, remove cookies placed on your computer by sites you have visited; manage the caching files used by your browser; remove "recent files" lists from popular programs; the "panic" button clears all browser support files, history, and recently used files records (and more); block additions to your Favorites folder, optional integration into the Internet Explorer toolbar for convenience and more. Product includes: Zero Evidence Privacy Software (Ver 1.0) and Software Upgrades for 6 Months. BONUS: Mem Turbo - Best Windows Resource Utility, eBook: Take Online Payments Without a Merchant Account, eBook: Best of Web Gold, Free Voicemail Phone Number and Free Conference Call Line.

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